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The fire is not drawing properly, the fire creates excessive soot , there are fumes in the rooms, the chimney breast feels hot, the fire or stove is using too much fuel, fire risk?




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CCTV Surveys

A CCTV Camera inspection of a flue will enable us to detect the existence of many hidden problems, such as breaches in the flue wall, blockages from poorly installed liners, birds nests, fallen debris or damage to the mid-feathers (the brick partition between two flues).



Nationwide Chimneys are a network of chimney repair contractors and associated chimney repair specialists who provide a complete “one stop shop” service for chimney repairs and chimney problems across Ireland, ranging from damage diagnosis and repairs, to handling your damaged chimney insurance claims. We offer a complete range of chimney repair and chimney problem diagnosis in any town and county in Ireland. Contact our specialist chimney repair team if you are having any of the following chimney problems:

  • Chimney cracks (cracks visible externally on chimney stack or water staining internally on walls surrounding chimney breast)

  • Chimney fire (chimney lining or flu liners can crack after a chimney fire causing sand to appear in the fireplace)

  • Storm damage to your chimney stack or chimney cowls

In many cases we can get our customer’s chimney repair costs covered under their own home insurance policies.

Nationwide Chimney offer a fast call out and repair service for all your chimney repair needs: Chimney repairs Cork, chimney repairs Dublin, chimney repairs Ennis, chimney repairs Galway, chimney repairs Limerick, chimney repairs Mayo & Chimney repairs in all towns and counties in Ireland. We offer the best chimney relining price & the best chimney repair cost when compared to other chimney repair contractors in Ireland.



If you have a cracked or damaged chimney, fire damaged chimney or suffer from smoke or soot problems call us now to arrange an appointment to have your chimney checked. At Nationwide chimney repair we offer a free no obligation survey of your chimney. This will provide you with an expert diagnosis from our chimney repair experts. Nationwide chimney Ireland offer a fixed quotation for the cost of the chimney repair can be provided & we also offer assistance with insurance claims for the cost of chimney repair with our in house team of public registered loss assessors. Our chimney repair contractors are qualified & insurance approved chimney repair specialists. Contact us on : 087 1 650 950 for chimney repairs and chimney lining solutions across Ireland - including Cork, Dublin, Ennis, Galway, Limerick, Sligo, Tuam and all towns and counties in between. 


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Nationwide Chimney repair - your no. 1 for chimney repairs in Cork, Dublin, Ennis, Galway, Limerick, Sligo, Tuam and across Ireland 

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