Nationwide Chimneys

As a chimney company we deal with numerous chimney complaints with a variety of causes of chimney cracks. Do any of the below listed sound familiar to you? CHIMNEY COMPLAINTS CAN STEM FROM A VARIETY OF TELL-TELL SIGNS: 1. Brown staining where the chimney breast wall meets the ceiling 2. Dampness on the chimney breast […]

Our chimney repair services are Lawful and essential during Covid 19 lock down under the following criteria : Call 0818 929 555 for 24 hour advice and service – Open for business and our full essential chimney repair, chimney relining, chimney roof repair services are available during Level 5 lock down. All protective measures are taken by […]


A chimney has many components which are subject to failure or general chimney maintenance which is advisable to stay ‘on top of’ if you pardon the pun! However if your chimney has developed damage or when you’ve purchased a property which has not had proper maintenance over the life of the structure and chimney stack […]

Chimney Ireland Chimney Ireland our sister company carrying out all chimney repair services and chimney flue lining across the West of Ireland from Kerry Limerick & Clare in the South West to Galway, Sligo, Mayo & Roscommon in the Mid West of Ireland. Details of the wide range of Chimney services can be found on […]

Damaged chimney crack repair – Mortar Joints This type of chimney inspection may need inspection from the roof to spot, but damaged mortar joints between chimney masonry is an issue which requires immediate repair. Chimney Crack mortar joints that are failing can mean accelerated damage to the chimney increasing brick chimney repair cost & chimney […]